Bingo Guide

Bingo is a game enjoyed by players of all ages, from children playing its simplest form, to grown-ups who sneak out of their daily activities to play. Thanks to the technological improvement, more people are increasingly embracing online Bingo and betting in a wide range of variations from the comfort of their homes, as well as on-the-go via mobile Bingo.

How to Play and Win

The possibility of players funding their bets using bitcoins in most reputable casinos has further spiced up the gaming experience. With Bitcoin casinos, you can now buy tickets and withdraw winnings at reduced fees without the stressful governments and banks involvement.

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In all Bingo variants, the fundamental premise remains the same. The caller selects a ball randomly from a tumbler or basket and calls out the number. If you are the first person to match these numbers to those on your ticket in a specified pattern, shout House because you have just won!

All online Bingo are played on a book, where a single page in the book is a single game split into 6 tickets. You are at liberty to bet between 1-6 tickets at a time. If you play all 6 tickets at once (also known as a full strip), in the case of a 90-ball game, your page will have all the possible 90 numbers. A ticket cannot have repeat numbers, therefore, you’ll going to be quite busy as you’ll need to mark every number called. However, if you play fewer tickets, you will get fewer numbers than those called out, and therefore won’t be marking every number called.

The numbers are arranged in columns and rows depending on the variant of the game. In the 75-ball Bingo version, the winning pattern is formed by completely filling up the required spaces, while the 90-ball variants award three winners in 3 phases as three lines get daubed.

Bingo Variations

To provide players with a wide range of gaming experience, most reputable casinos are now offering different variations of Bingo.

The most traditional variant of the game is the 90-ball, where the ticket has 3 lines that have 5 numbers each. Bitcoin prizes are awarded for completing a single line, two lines, and all the three lines.

The 75-ball, one of the most popular versions, uses 75 numbers divided into fifteen groups using B, I, N, G, and O. If you fill up the required spaces to complete the specified pattern, you win bitcoins.

Another variant close to the 75-ball is the 80-ball. However, unlike the former, this one requires you to fill fewer spaces.

If you love fast-paced games, there is a version just for you- the 30-ball version. You simply mark/ fill up all the 9 boxes to scoop the prize.

Exclusive Tips and Strategy

It goes without saying that knowing the basics of Bingo game is the most important thing that a serious player need to do. Some of the things to include in your check-list include the rules, available Bitcoin prizes, and how to win.

Since you are in the game to win, try playing as many cards as possible to increase your winning chances. For example, in a 90-ball game, playing 6 tickets gives you all the 90 numbers that the dealer will call out.

Any professional player will tell you to reduce the competition by betting during those times when the number of people playing is less. For example, play the most during odd hours, week days.

Also worth noting is the use of chat rooms to communicate with fellow players and the dealer. Do not get so engaged with the main Bingo game that you forget the chat feature, because with this feature, you can get your concerns ironed out by the dealer, and maybe even some useful tips from other fellow players.

Furthermore, apply appropriate strategies to improve your gaming experience. The strategies such as the Granville and Trippett have found common use among professional players. Although the game of Bingo is based on luck, there is no harm in using them.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Bingo Casino

When choosing an online casino that will work best for you, be sure to check its Bitcoin bonuses and other promotion schemes. Although bonuses such as welcome, deposit, and referral are common in most casinos, always find out if the terms and conditions accompanying these bonuses are too strict to meet.

A great casino also offers adventurous gaming experience through a robust range of variations. As a player, you may want to try your skills in different versions that suit your gambling needs.

Needless to say, top-notch security and safety is another thing that every serious website implements before any Bingo bet is played, as cases of cyber-attacks are common. To keep players and attract even more, reputable casinos implement security features and frequently allow independent auditing of their software.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin Casino that will give you great varieties of completely secure, fair and sleek games, look no further. We have experienced experts dedicated to researching on every Bitcoin casino out there to give you the most recommended casinos.