Desktop Casinos

They were the first choice when online casinos first came on the scene and now even over two decades later, they remain unmatched in terms of sheer power and functionality. And when it comes to a state of the art casino experience, in the comfort of your own home, there is simply no other substitute.

In spite of the convenience in being able to wager on the move, the fact is that Bitcoin gambling with a tablet, or any other similar device pales in comparison to the experience of using a cutting-edge desktop computer.

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Our Desktop Casino Testing Process

The first step we take is checking out the casino’s software provider. Reputable names such as Quickfire (a subsidiary of Microgaming), Play n’ Go or Playtech, are normally indicative of a reputable establishment.

This step is similar to our requirements for Bitcoin gambling with tablets, for example – in their case, an association with such software giants often means you are likely to enjoy high-quality apps.

The next criterion is the size of the casino’s games catalogue. The larger and more varied it is, the more likely you are to have loads of fun during a Bitcoin gambling session with your favorite games.

Choosing the Best Desktop Casinos

Making the best choice when it comes to casinos for your desktop computer involves the same level of detail as selecting one for Bitcoin gambling on tablets or any other platform. It is important to ensure it is fully licensed. Those which are not may provide virus infected software packages for unsuspecting clients – pretty much like the risk of fake apps users of mobile devices face.

It is also important to verify that the casino is provably fair. That way you will ensure you are not wagering your Bitcoins without any opportunity of winning any in return during sessions of Bitcoin gambling. Users of mobile devices also have to take similar precautions as well. The fact that they have to download apps makes no difference in this regard.

Promotions and rewards are also key factors that must be taken into account for desktop users in the same way they are for Bitcoin gambling on tablets or any other device. Particular attention must be paid to the conditions attached to them to ensure they are not overly demanding.

On our website, we regularly update our list of casinos which have all been verified using the above criteria. As a result, all you need to do is visit and select the casino which suits you the best.

Benefits of Playing on Desktops

Playing on a desktop computer is an excellent means of getting to enjoy your favorite casino games in style. And doing so will provide a vastly different experience from Bitcoin gambling with a tablet, for example. While playing casino games requires apps, for similar devices, doing so on your desktop does not. Hence, accessing the casino’s games is a lot more convenient.

There is also the fact that you are safe from the risk of faulty apps. Bitcoin gambling with a tablet on the other hand, requires constant visits to the App Store or Google Play and the latter in particular, is occasionally infiltrated with fake apps.

The power of a desktop, not to mention the availability of a far larger screen also enhances the graphics and sound effects of your favorite games. While mobile devices are certainly impressive, they are clearly nowhere near the desktop in its ability to provide a really immersive experience in the comfort of your own home.

Recommended Casino Games

One of the best advantages of playing on a desktop is the fact that every option is available to you which is not often the case for individuals who prefer other platforms. Best of all, you are free from the constant need to download apps for Bitcoin gambling unlike tablet users. And unlike them, all you need to do is effect a one-off download of the casino’s software to your computer.

For an entertaining, lighthearted experience, slots are always a good way to go. Particularly popular titles include Starburst, the Incredible Hulk and Voodoo.

Live gambling is also another fantastic choice, especially with its options, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker. A state of the art desktop or one which is connected to a large TV screen will bring you as close as possible to the excitement of a real casino which no other Bitcoin gambling device such as tablets, for example, can provide.

Alternatively, you could try your hand at any of the many versions of Roulette, such as American, European or French. The options are endless.