Roulette Guide

Roulette is one of the most recognized casino games in the world and played by virtually everyone that has ever stepped foot inside a brick-and-mortar casino. It’s one of those games that simply looks fun and entices everyone that has laid eyes on it.

The same is true when it comes to online roulette. Just like its land-based counterpart, millions of online casino bettors love playing online roulette for its simplicity, excitement, and the huge combination of winning possibilities.

In addition, online casinos now accept bitcoins, making the whole online gaming experience much more enjoyable thanks to the many benefits that bitcoins offer, such as fast processing speed, security and anonymity.

If you’ve yet to play online roulette, you’ll soon understand why it is one of the most played casino game ever. And if you’ve played before, then this guide will help you increase your chances of winning even more!

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How to Play Online Roulette and Win

One of the many reasons why so many people play Bitcoin Roulette is because it’s fairly easy to play since there really isn’t all that many rules to learn. You do, however, have to study and learn the many betting variations available. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below to start playing your very first game of online Roulette with Bitcoins:

  1. Place your bets

    Once you’ve enter the roulette game, you’ll be presented with a virtual table with all the available betting options, known as the “layout”. On it, you’ll find a grid of numbers ranging from 0 and 00 (just a single 0 in the case of the European version) to 36, all marked in either red or black, split into three columns. These numbers and colors corresponds with those found on the wheel. On the side of this main grid, you’ll find other betting options for group bets, color bets, and odd or even bets. It is at this stage that you’ll need to place your bets by clicking on the numbers you wish to bet on.

  2. Press the spin button

    After you’ve placed all your bets, hit the ‘spin’ button to activate the wheel.

  3. Wait for the results

    The final step, and the most exciting step, is watching and waiting for the wheel to come to a stop and reveal where the ball has landed to see if you’re a winner.

And that is the entire roulette betting process in a nutshell. Fairly straight forward, right? Like we’ve already said, it is for this reason that almost every single casino player has played this iconic casino game one time or another.

In general, the betting options with the highest payouts, such as 35-1 when betting on a single number, are much harder to win compared to betting options with lower payouts, such as betting on black or red with a 1 to 1 payout.

There are many tips and strategies for online roulette, and we’ve included a whole bunch of them further down this article. So, don’t forget to check those out too!

Roulette variations

As Bitcoin casinos compete with each other to get new players, they have had to come up with many different variants of Roulette to ensure every player finds the perfect game that exactly suits his or her needs. This is one distinct advantage that online roulette has compared to its land-based counterpart.

Below is a list of some of the most popular versions found at all of our recommended bitcoin casinos.

  1. Mini

    This version basically adopts the rules of European Roulette, however, as opposed to the standard game, it consists of a smaller wheel and less numbers, having only 13 numbers (0-12) on its wheel, and a house edge of about 7.7%

  2. Multi-ball

    If you are tired of playing in a one-ball game, multi-ball variant gives you an exciting experience of betting in a game with 2 or more balls. The table, house edge, and wheels look just like those of the European version.

  3. Multi-wheel

    If you’re a fast-pace player and a single wheel simply isn’t cutting it for you, then this variant is perfect for you as you’ll get to bet on multiple wheels at the same time.

  4. 3D

    Basically, this variant is similar to the other European variants, except that its graphics are in 3 dimensions to give players more eye candy and visual stimulations.

  5. Royale

    Unlike regular variants, this one allows you to scoop larger bitcoin payouts since it is a progressive variant – perfect for big time players. It resembles the American version in terms of wheel and rules, but has a greater house edge, that is 7.9%.

  6. Pinball

    Although its table resembles that of an American variant, it does not have a wheel. Instead, the classic pinball machine is used to choose the winning number – a very fun twist on an iconic game.

Exclusive Roulette Tips and Strategy

We’ve compiled a list of tried and tested tips that are used by professional players all over, and are sure to give you the competitive edge that you’ve been longing for – increasing your chances of winning the massive jackpots available at all of our recommended Bitcoin casinos.

Tip 1: Shop around to find a reputable Bitcoin casino that’ll perfectly suit your needs. Everything starts here, and if you play at a less than stellar casino, then you’ll likely get sub-par results. This is why we can’t stress enough how vitally important it is that you choose from our list of casinos that our team of experts have already tested and reviewed to be the safest and best casinos available for many reasons, including the fact that they publish their return percentages and have been verified by multiple credible authorities to have an unbiased random number generator.

Tip 2: Learn and understand the odds. Don’t bet on random numbers or a combination of numbers just because you feel like it. As fun and spontaneous as that may be, it usually does not work out well. Always bet with a purpose and goal, and to do that, you need to know the odds for each bet.

Tip 3: Betting on the outside chances like Odd/Even, Red/Black, High/Low, Columns or Dozens increases the chance of winning, even though the payouts are marginal.

Tip 4: Practice with a free table to clear your doubts and gain enough confidence before betting on a real play-to-win table.

Tip 5: Reserve your bitcoin winnings by withdrawing whatever you won into your bank account and continue betting with your initial bitcoins at stake, so you won’t accidentally end up losing all your winnings.

Tip 6: Only play in the European rather than the American version, as the 00 in the later version raises the profit margin of the website at the expense of your winning chances.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Roulette Casino

Before you finally settle on the best casino for your gaming experience, spare some time to research about several recognizable casinos and narrow down to the most reputable ones. Alternatively, simply choose from our recommended Bitcoin casinos that have been verified and guaranteed to give you:

  1. A wide games selection, most of which have been discussed in our game variations section.
  2. The best bonuses such as sign-up bonuses, Free spins, refer-a-friend bonus, match bonus, loyalty bonus, and many more, no matter the size of your bankroll.
  3. Fair and secure gaming experience, as evidenced by proper licensing, payout percentage and safety measures.
  4. Cross-compatibility, where you can continue experiencing your game on your mobile phone no matter how far you are from your computer.