Video Poker Guide

Video poker has been around for years, and is still among the most popular online casino games. One of the reason why it has done so well on the online game industry is thanks to the revolution of the internet and the advancement of mobile technology that has made it possible for players to enjoy playing a wide range of video poker varieties from the comfort of their home and on-the-go. Furthermore, the use of bitcoins in online gaming has made the game even more enticing, as players can now enjoy cheaper, safer, and a more universal way of funding their betting and making withdrawals.

If you are a player who loves games of skill, low house edges, and the chance of pocketing juicy progressive jackpots, video poker is the best option.

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How to Play Video Poker and Win

To kick off the game, simply click the bill or coin slot and select the number of bitcoins you want to bet with. You are at liberty to use any amount of credits, normally ranging from 1 to 5, to bet. Always bet five credits, or whatever the maximum is for your chosen game, per round, since betting less gives the site a larger house edge, as well as the fact that most of the biggest jackpots, like the ones you’ll get with a royal flush, payout far more when you bet the maximum credit.

When you hit the bet max button, you will be dealt with five cards automatically. If you bet credits that are less than five, you need to click the deal button to get your initial five cards. At this juncture, you have an opportunity to select the cards you wish to keep. Thereafter, the Bitcoin casino will allow you one re-deal and one opportunity to draw new cards (ranging from 0 to 5). It is worth noting that the held cards cannot be replaced during the drawing of new cards. After the final draw, the pay table will show any wins that you may have. Some Bitcoin casinos offer you a golden chance of doubling up your win multiple times.

Video Poker Variations

Jacks or Better is the most common video poker variant among both seasoned players and beginners, since it has a good payback and relatively low variance. Deuces Wild is also common in most video poker casinos, where a winning hand can be formed by substituting 2s for any other card. You can also wet your appetite by betting in Tens or Better, an exotic variation that allows you to win with a two cards of tens or higher. Aces and Faces is a variant where a ‘Four of a kind’ featuring Kings, Queens and Jacks reward you with a higher payout. Other variations you can get include Double Bonus, Joker Poker, 2 Ways Royal and many more.

Exclusive Tips and Strategy

In video poker, the most important strategy is playing the maximum bitcoins that you can afford, as it offers you the complete value for hitting the best hand – royal flush.

It goes without saying that you should also get familiar with the particular video poker game’s pay structure by knowing how much you can win with a certain hand or in a certain game. It will help you make informed decisions and get prepared for the outcome.

Practice is another strategy that can give you a competitive edge to beat the Bitcoin video game casinos. Since the amount of practice in virtually all video game casinos is free and has no limit, you can develop skills that will boost your chances of winning when you bet with bitcoins.

Understanding the video game in online casino and its rules is another important thing to do, since even though the many variants differ slightly, being unaware of these differences can mess your gaming experience.

Finally, you need to manage your Bitcoin bankroll before you start betting. Decide on the amount of bitcoins you are willing to spend, track your wins and losses, and resist the temptation of chasing those big wins without a proper strategy.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Video Poker Casino

Before playing video poker on a Bitcoin casino, first check if it offers a variety of games. An excellent casino will have multiple variants to award players with a wide range of money-making experiences. As you get to learn more about the game, you will find yourself getting attracted to particular versions that suit your betting needs.

The gambling site should also have top-notch security features that will ensure your personal and financial details are protected. Additionally, a serious video poker site will always allow periodic auditing of its RNGs to ensure they are fair and above board.

Furthermore, check if the video gaming casino offers good bonus and other promotion packages. Bonuses such as welcome, deposit and referral bonuses allow you to add some more bitcoins to your wins. However, you need to be sure that the bonuses are real and do not come with extremely restricting requirements.

If you are searching for a competitive casino with a range of fair, secure, and sleek games, feel free to check out the Bitcoin casinos we have recommended just for you. Our experienced and qualified team of experts always test and compare multiple sites, and rule out the video gaming casinos which they feel cannot offer you that professionalism that you deserve.