When the first online casino was launched in 1994, no one could have possibly imagined that casino gaming on the Internet would take off the way it did. However, within four years, several hundreds of online casinos had appeared. Since then, cyberspace has become filled with them and one way that casino operators have handled the resulting competition is by offering generous bonuses to keep players returning for good reason and grow prolifically.

So how does this help you?

Where the concept of bonuses took the gaming world by storm, so too has this new concept rewarding players on a whole new playing field – Bitcoin bonuses. It is no longer a niche secret that Bitcoin casinos whose bonuses and promotions are some of the most impressive offered in the online gaming sector. Best of all, these casino bonuses and cash promotions are offered in bitcoins and are a sure means of enabling these establishments to stand out among the competition.

Importance of a Good Bitcoin Bonus

Nowadays, bonuses are pretty much part of the cyber-betting landscape and players have come to expect them as part of the process of signing up. Good bonuses are especially important since they are often a marker of an establishment that values its customers. But that alone is not sufficient. Bitcoin casinos which take their client base seriously also go the extra mile and not only provide additional casino bonuses, but also promotions on a regular basis.

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Bitcoin casinos which provide bonuses in this manner are generally worth a closer look. A reluctance on the other hand, of a casino to issue generous bonuses and promotions is usually a huge red flag and normally means it should be avoided. This is especially so since there are several other options which would prove far more remunerative in this regard, so it’s always a good idea to look out for and stay away from the bitcoin casinos that keep their bitcoin close to their digital chest…

The great thing about these bonuses provided by Bitcoin casinos is that you actually have the opportunity to play with real currency on almost any game of your choosing. Playing in such a manner enables you to get the hang of the game. As a result, you are better prepared when you have to wager your own cash on a regular basis.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Knowing what to look for when it comes to bonuses is extremely important. Particularly with so many Bitcoin casinos offering bonuses of various kinds.

As mentioned above, generous bonus amounts often warrant a proper, detailed review. However, other factors also need to be taken into consideration such as the wagering requirements attached to bonuses. They are important since they determine how much you will need to spend at the casino before you are able to withdraw any winnings earned while playing using part or all of the bonus(es). As a result, bonuses with low wagering requirements are generally preferable and something we recommended unless there are other promotional elements that make relatively high wagering requirements worth it (such as a lot of free spins). It’s often worth considering a trade-off between bonus size and this factor (generous bonuses and exceedingly high requirements only mean you may have to spend a great deal more in the long run). It is also essential to examine the nature and frequency of the Bitcoin casino’s promotions since they also increase your chances of winning and are an excellent means of rewarding clients’ loyalty.

Because we are fully aware of just how important these aspects of promotions are, we ensure only those with the most generous and reasonable bonuses are mentioned on this site.

Different Bitcoin Bonus Types

Bitcoin casino bonuses come in a wide range of varieties. However, some of the most common include the following:

Welcome Bonuses: A welcome bonus is one that the casino pays to you when you first register as a new client. This is often based on the amount you deposit which is commonly referred to as a ‘Match Bonus’ as operators will often “match” or “mirror” the amount you deposit with a free gift of the same amount. Bitcoin casinos offer some of the most generous welcome bonuses in this particular sector and match bonus percentages as high as 200% can be seen on occasion. A welcome bonus often starts at 1 BTC and may go as high as 3 BTC. Some top Bitcoin casinos however offer bonuses of up to 5 BTC but their wagering requirements—as mentioned above—may be unreasonable so always read our reviews to be sure.

No Deposit Bonuses: Highly sought after and just as elusive, no deposit bonuses are issued without the need for the client to make any deposit at all. That means you can start playing immediately without spending any of your own Bitcoins at all. They may be offered to loyal clients or as part of a Bitcoin casino’s ongoing promotions.

Reload Bonuses: A great means of rewarding regular players and refer to Bitcoin bonuses issued when a client deposits Bitcoins into their existing casino wallet, hence the apt term “reload”.

In addition to the above, Bitcoin casinos issue promotions, loyalty points as well as free spins and rounds for slots

How Do I Choose?

Beyond noting the size of a welcome bonus as well as its wagering requirements, as mentioned above, it is important to note the ‘Match Bonus’ percentage. Certain Bitcoin casinos will provide bonuses on a certain number of subsequent deposits at lower percentages. Selecting those that do is preferable to selecting those which simply award a one-off Bitcoin casino bonus for an initial deposit with no more match bonuses for subsequent deposits.

Certain games also count towards wagering requirements and it is important to note those that do and those that do not, as they vary depending on the Bitcoin casino, or the promotions being offered at the time.

Simply put, the easiest way to choose is to read around and make an informed, educated decision yourself. A fantastic place to start is on this very site where we have guides from bingo to blackjack or even individual reviews as well. Keep educating yourself on the best sites and responsible gaming practices and above all, have fun!