MyPrize Unveils Groundbreaking Multiplayer Online Casino with Crypto Integration

Alongside its US counterpart, MyPrize, the pioneering multiplayer online casino, has officially debuted in several international markets. MyPrize offers a novel twist on the online casino experience by fusing the excitement and big stakes of online gaming with the interpersonal communication and communal aspects of social media and live broadcasting.

The innovative Bet Together feature on MyPrize lets users communicate with one another while streaming their games, opening a direct line of communication between producers and their followers. Thanks to this feature, online gambling is transformed into a social experience that is both dynamic and engaging.

Anticipating the platform launch with great anticipation, more than 150,000 people had previously signed up for MyPrize and MyPrize US during the early access period. Streamers and gamers alike can now come together to enjoy plenty of fan-favorite casino games, such as blackjack, slots, roulette, Plinko, scratch cards, crash, mines, and more.

A Haven for Creators

Creators may monetize their material and reach new audiences with the help of the tools available on the platform. One cool thing about this platform is that it lets creators set up special areas where their fans can come to watch live streams and play games with them. The new multiplayer game style lets fans join in and support their favorite creators.

With no limits on how much money producers can make on MyPrize, they may maximize profits off of user acquisition and engagement. There is zero dependence on ad revenues, so creators can focus on growing and supporting their community.

“MyPrize is a platform that leans into the strengths of online communities – these massive communities that have managed to forge deep interpersonal connections within message boards and chat rooms.  I can’t wait to see what these creators can accomplish with tools built specifically for them that let them interact with their fans on a new, deeper level.”

MyPrize founder and CEO Zach Bruch

TSteezy, Solace, Atomic, AsianAndy, WesBTW, and KingWoolz are just a few of the well-known creators on MyPrize’s roster at launch. Partnerships with creators from 100 Thieves, a leading lifestyle brand, are also included.

A Solid Payment System

US users of MyPrize can join sweepstakes for the potential to win actual prizes, including cryptocurrency, while users of MyPrize may withdraw their in-game USD to cryptocurrency. Moreover, to increase the crypto space’s mainstream awareness and recruit a broad user base, MyPrize plans to host large-scale activations and form collaborations with streamers, celebrities, and big companies to encourage new users to join the Web3 ecosystem.